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  May 21, 2019
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Machine ID 1194 Year 2004
Category Insulated Glass (IG) Equipment Condition As taken from service
Type PIB Extruder and Desiccant Filler Region Midwest US
Manufacturer Lisec Sale Price $19850.00
Model LBH-25V    
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Description Lisec PIB Extruder for precision butyl coating on both sides of spacers. Sensor-controlled guide rollers ensure optimal stabilisation of the frame and thus enable even coating. Opening and closing of the coating nozzles for each frame side are controlled automatically. The integrated measurement device for frame widths ensures continuous nozzle adjustment from 6 to 24 mm. The coating speed can be set individually. - See more at: http://www.lisec.com/en/Machinery/Insulating-Glass/Spacer-Frame-Processing/LBH-25V#sthash.qhpGmPqC.dpuf

Desicant Filler for Drilling, filling, and closing (with sealant) of two sides of frame with automatic adjustment to suit the profile width of the spacer frames. Drilling holes in the back of the profile allows profiles of different shapes and of different materials to be processed. - See more at: http://www.lisec.com/en/Machinery/Insulating-Glass/Spacer-Frame-Processing/ARL-45F#sthash.O675t3RL.dpuf

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