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  June 26, 2019
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Machine ID 1058 Year 2008
Category Door Machinery - Door & Jamb Condition As taken from service
Type DOOR MACHINE Region South US
Manufacturer DOTUL Sale Price $29000.00
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Description Dotul introduces the Maverick pre-hung door machine. The Maverick is a vertical door machine that has been designed and built by door machinery specialists with over 100 years of combined machinery, door and millwork experience.

The Maverick door machine is ideal for residential or commercial door shops that need the versatility to pre-hang door units or machine slab doors. Standard features of the Maverick allow for machining of a 4-0 to 9-0 door unit with raised moulding on both sides of the door. Width control adjustments are easily made from the centralized control panel, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.

Dotul machinery is built tough from the frame up, incorporating numerous design features that allow for easy maintenance of moveable parts, and special features that allow the operator to machine a wide variety of doors.

Features & Benefits:

* 4 bladed Cutterhead w/7.5 HP motor - Produces a smoother more consistent bevel especially on hardwoods and reduces the chance of snapping at the end of the cut.

* Cutterhead Load Meter - Visual cue to the operator to make powerfeed wheel speed adjustments on heavy or dense material doors to improve quality of cut.

* Centralized control panel - Reduces steps and increases the operator accessibility to the controls.

* Easily machine a narrow sidelite - Eash insert rollers hold 1-0, 1-2 or 1-4 sidelite in the correct position, eliminating the need and hassle of blocking the sidelite.

* Enhanced dust collection - Round dust collection piping is channeled to al cutting areas, reducing the chances of cookies getting stuck and affecting the efficiency of the dust collection.

* Heavy Duty Frame Construction - Reduce the chance of the machinery twisting or being damaged. Forklift pockets and dual pick up points make the machine easy to move and reposition for different shop layouts.

* Finite width indexing - Fast or slow width adjustments made easily from the centralized control panel.

* 3-position jamb clamping - Allows for machining of 3-0 and 4-0 jamb lengths and helps straighten longer 6-8 to 9-0 jambs prior to machining for the hinge pocket.

Dotul Model 501-Strike Jamb Router

Features & Benefits:

* Dust Collection - Standard feature on every 501 strike jamb router. Can be hooked up to a central dust collection system or free standing vacuum.

* Inter-changeable strike templates - Phenolic or steel templates can be used.

* Overhead material arms - Keep specials or a bundle of your common strike jambs in easy reaching distance. Standard on each machine.

* Template Tray - Easy accessibility to a variety of templates.

* Dead bolt stops - Change from standard stops to deadbolt stops in seconds. Standard on each machine.

Specifications subject to verification.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Michael Kohler
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
United States of America
Phone 704-281-3260
Email sales@SelectiveMachinery.com

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