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  April 23, 2019
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Machine ID 1146 Year 2010
Category Window Machinery - Corner Crimpers Condition Low usage
Type CNC Corner Crimper Region Northeast US
Manufacturer Parker Sale Price $36555.00 $27500.00
Model LJJZ4-CNC-18003000    
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Description 2010 Parker 4 head CNC crimper

LJJZ4-CNC-18003000 CNC 4-head corner crimping machine is used for 90 degree corner joining of aluminum profiles. This CNC four head corner crimper is equipped with front or back movable clamping system and high quality hydraulic system. Place a corner connector into the cavity of the two profiles before corner crimping, and the hydraulic-driven crimping knives make permanent cold deformation on aluminum profile outer layers. With CNC control system, 4-head corner crimping machine can finish four-corner combining at one time. This CNC four head corner crimper is an ideal device for mass production of aluminum doors and windows.


1. Adjustable head movement uses high precision ball screw ensuring accurate positioning and stable running.

2. Parker CNC 4-head corner crimping machine can adjust the size of aluminum doors and windows automatically, and finish the connection of four corners of a window frame or sash with high efficiency.

3. With hydraulic profile centering device, this CNC four head corner crimper can achieve centering of profile corner automatically.

4. With CNC control system and human-machine interface touch screen, this 4-head corner crimping machine is easy to operate.

5. Servo motors and precision ball screws control the movement of four crimping units, which guarantees the repeat positioning precision.

6. Clamping device of CNC four head corner crimper can move forward and backward automatically. It is easy to load and unload window frames.

7. Powerful hydraulic system provides strong and stable pressing force for 4-head corner crimping machine. This ensures big punching and riveting force and high strength of corner connection.

8. CNC four head corner crimper is installed with a reinforced clamping guide rod that can prevent malposition of aluminum profiles.

9. Height of crimping knives and depth of crimping can be adjusted to meet requirements of different aluminum profiles.

10. Profile clamping of our 4-head corner crimping machines is pneumatic and the feeding movement of crimping knives is hydraulic.

Description was taken from manufacturers website and is subject to verification by buyer.

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Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
United States of America
Phone 704-281-3260
Email sales@SelectiveMachinery.com

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